Welcome! I’m a lot of things (list-maker, picker-upper, cat cuddler, procrastinator extraordinare), but mostly I’m a wife, mom, and an author. I’ve had one book, Cancer Slam, published, and I’m working on another right now. (I’ve also got a couple of manuscripts in the drawer, but I’m not sure if those will ever see the light of day…)

Since Cancer Slam is my first published novel, and since being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 was one of those defining moments in my life, there’s a lot of cancer resources on this site. Mostly they are geared towards helping children deal with and work through the trauma of a family cancer diagnosis, because that was something my family wished we’d had more help with. I hope Cancer Slam can help other kids who have loved ones with a cancer diagnosis (of any kind—not just breast cancer) to feel less alone than my daughter did that year.

But now I’m also working on getting another middle grade/young adult novel published, and as a writer myself, I appreciate reading about the process other authors have gone through in the process of birthing their books. I’m recording that experience here as well in hopes that other readers (and writers) will find it interesting.

Mostly, though, I’m just living, like we all are, and I think my blog reflects that too. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my family’s adventures through our everyday life, and who knows, maybe someday soon, be able to celebrate getting another book published with me!

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